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Chemical Absorbent Booms (20cm x 3m)

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Absorbant Booms Chemical Absorbent Booms (20cm x 3m)

Units in Pack: 4 Size: 300cm x 20cm Absorbency: 316 Litres Absorbs: Chemicals Technology: Meltblown Boom in poly-cellulose with a polyester knitted sleeve. An effective way to contain water based spills on land where you don’t need the boom to float. They help contain, absorb most types of spill and are very strong and don’t fall apart, unlike other industry standard products. Tried and tested in the Gulf oil spill clean up, these booms are a natural first choice in the event of a spill. Booms can easily be connected together to form a longer protective barrier.

Any spill control product specification statements are based on manufacturing testing procedures, and are given in good faith. Your applications may vary from test conditions..